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Scientific Breakthroughs
can unlock the secrets to


*Relief from Discomfort

*Improved Cardiovascular Function

*Improved Sleep

*Improved Energy, Strength & Stamina

*Improved Blood Flow

*Reduced Stress

*Better Vitality & Longevity

Only 15 Minutes per day!

Have you ever wished you could

look younger, feel younger and perform at younger levels?

Do you ever feel like you need

relief from pain and discomfort?

Do you wish you could just have

more energy, strength and vitality?

Then you’re going to want to pay very close attention to this presentation

I've Found What You May

NEVER Find on Your Own!

Top Scientists at NASA

Can't Reinvent This!

Look Who's Using This Product!

Create Effortless Health Transformation in

8 Minutes, 2 Times a Day!

It took 20 Years for Me to Find This!

The Ultimate Find!

The Pioneer Company

with Revolutionary Products that Define a New Category!

What if you had inside information about a scientific breakthrough that could unlock the secrets of

Health, Healing, Performance, Endurance, Recovery, Strength and Energy

in the human body.


That could literally put the breaks on the

aging catabolic damage of wear-down and tear-down

in the body.  And amplify the body's own

Anabolic forces of Repairing, Restoring and Regeneration 

so you could look younger, feel younger

and perform at younger levels.


Do you think that would interest virtually everyone you know?  

What if you had a monopoly on these scientific discoveries?

Patents and no competition;

A head start on the rest of the world. 

How much money do you think would it be waiting to be made? 


A New Field of Medicine

Several companies have been working over the last several years on developing a new field of medicine (which I will share with you today) 

One company has spent over 20 years,

tens of millions of dollars in research and development

devoted to unlocking the secrets of health and healing in the body and the results are unlike anything ever recorded !

Advanced Science

 A Real Medical Device

Real Results.

In the investment world where I come from, there's a saying that goes

'follow the trend, the trend is your friend'. 

What I am going to share with you may possibly be the biggest

Trend in the medical world in the last 20 years.

I've Done the Work for You!

How do you sift through the garbage on the internet to find the best products that will really make you look, feel and perform better?
What you’re looking for are called "Cutting Edge" companies
If you come across one of these in your lifetime it is only by luck or fate.


The product I have found is proven to bring up to

30% more Oxygen,

30% more Nutrients,

30% better Metabolic Waste Disposal


Do you think that may bring better health to your body???


These companies are so rare that you may NEVER find one on your own.

And without the experience to see the value in their products, you may unknowingly let one of these golden opportunities pass you by.


I have found that cutting-edge companies are not usually so cutting- edge when it comes to marketing. That is why, in my experience, these are

usually the hardest companies to find.

Not only are they scarce, but they’re also almost invisible in the midst of all the

hyped-up products that are promoted by the "Lunatic Fringe" companies





Cutting edge companies are

hyper-focused on research and development of outstanding products

that are backed by lots of independent studies to prove their efficacy. 

The Cutting Edge companies have their

own laboratories and their own scientists.

They are doing research and development using double blind placebo controlled human clinical trials. Most importantly,

they have patents, meaning what they offer cannot be duplicated!

This product that I will share with you comes with

over 50 published studies,

many of which can be found on and and

5 wide-ranging International Patents





After so many years of searching, I have found a "Pioneer" company whose product is so Revolutionary, it has

totally disrupted the health and wellness industry.

If finding a Cutting-Edge company is hard to do, finding a Pioneer company is almost IMPOSSIBLE!    It's once in a lifetime, if you're very lucky...

That's why I need to share this with you now!

This product is the leader in a new field of medicine called ELECTRO-CEUTICALS


 With over a 20 year head-start, this product already has

over 1 million users. 

It's used everyday in over

4,000 hospitals, clinics, medical centers and universities

in over 40 countries worldwide.

                 It is even used in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU)

in some hospitals to help premature babies.








The science behind this product is so revolutionary 

that NASA has requested to

collaborate with this company

to use it to help astronauts in space.



When astronauts leave the earth’s atmosphere, their health is affected negatively, resulting in muscle and bone loss, damage to eyesight

and even depression.

NASA knows this product is part of the answer.


                             What’s important to note here is that even with

                             billions of dollars for research and teams of scientists,

                              NASA has not been able to duplicate the positive

                  effects of this product.

                                   And, as I mentioned, it can’t be copied because it is patented.


Just take a moment to absorb that. 

How cutting edge must this product be if NASA wants to use it? 

How exclusive is it if even NASA is unable to duplicate the powerful positive benefits it has on the body?

How amazingly fortunate must you be to have the opportunity to use this for your own health?

Professional, Olympic & Elite Athletes

Over 1,000+ elite, professional and Olympic athletes call this product their

"secret weapon"  for performance, endurance, recovery, strength and energy. 



1000+ Pro Athlete's call it their “secret weapon” for

Performance, Endurance,

Recovery, Strength &



NFL Alumni

The NFL Alumni has partnered with this company to allow their former players to be reimbursed by their HSA for the purchase of this product. 

Many More Pro Sports Teams &
Entertainment Personalities





Using this product couldn't be more effortless

because it requires 

NO Willpower

NO Lifestyle Change
NO Monthly Deliveries of Products


2X per day for 8 MINUTES?


This product works so well that almost NO ONE EVER RETURNS IT!



Literally, their return rate is only .08%!  Less than 1%.  

(Go ahead and google average return rates. You’ll find a few different statistics ranging from an average of 15% all the way to 40% in some categories!)

Here's My Offer
But, it won't be available forever


I’m offering a very special opportunity for you to try this product.

Just click below before this offer is gone.

Like I said, if you’re fortunate enough to come across a cutting edge company,

it’s your lucky day!

These cutting edge products, like the ones I want to share with you can truly be life-changing.

So click below to receive a free product trial

while I can still make this offer

Step 2:


progressive effects

Improve energy and recovery time to bring the body to the next level of health & fitness, whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend warrior.
Step 1:

Immediate effects

You want relief from discomfort, increased energy, improved blood flow and fast healing. Harness the body's ability to heal using natural methods to improve immunity and promote healing.

Step 3:




Create long term vibrant health. Longevity science shows that only 35% of how we experience the aging process is genetic. Start now to look, feel and perform at younger levels at any age. 

I'll Explain the 3 Steps to Vibrant Health 

in only 8 Minutes per day!

Healthwave Club/Pete Monsen


Tel: 757-759-8629

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